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Dont Buy a Car Battery untill you read this?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Though we have been maintaining our statement for a long time now that there is a lot of misguidance and cheating happening at car battery stores in Indirapuram Ghaziabad.; this incident occurred recently at our store.

A Class one officer of GST Department Ghaziabad called up our Car Battery Shop as a customer and inquired about a model of Car Battery for his Creta Car. We told him the suitable model. Within a few minutes, he walked into our store. He shared with us his experience of how he was misguided and misinformed at another shop. He said that he categorically told the other shop owner that he didn't feel that he was selling him the right car battery because it was not even matching his old battery which was supposed to go as a scrap. Despite this, that shop owner sold him the less power, wrong fitment which the manufacturers do not recommend. It is very normal practice, especially in Ghaziabad; they take advantage of the unawareness of the customer. Since these are technical products, all that customer asks for is a car battery for his vehicle, Car owners do not go beyond that and do not enquire about the models. The car would surely start since it is a company-charged battery. Now please understand if this kind of incident happens with a GST department official, then what happens on daily basis with a common man? The shop owner didn't even realize the repercussions of such an act, he was only interested in selling a product. This gentleman has left a wonderful review for us which is indeed motivating.

22 hours ago I am a senior class one govt servant.I searched this shop through Google,needless to say ,it was top class ,the owners congenial and convivial approach, excellent installation ,it was all top class.I highly recommend this place for car battery,inverters battery etc in indirapuram...and not just that ,in NCR...

Just to make more money, this is a normal practice. So we highly recommend that you should always buy a battery for your car from authorized channel partners and you should cross-check what you are buying. Do not get fooled by the hands of such shop owners.

We at White Collar Traders, Indirapuram Ghaziabad assure you the complete peace of mind for your purchase with us. If in case you wish to buy- CALL 8595107039, 8595107040.

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