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How to Buy a New Car Battery from Amaron Battery Dealer in Ghaziabad-

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

  • The First and the foremost thing is to check whether your existing battery has completely failed, or is out of Guarantee/Warranty period. If so get your Car Battery exchanged . Many a times there are chances that Vehicle's electrical system has a problem , so call us and we will inform about any of the above scenario.

  • Amaron Batteries share the manual wherein the battery group size is mentioned , We have alwways maintained our statement that please do not buy a battery unless you check the manual or your talk to the expert and know your battery well. It will tell the right dimensions that fit in the car, Do not get fool by the unauthorised dealer or mechanic. All they want is few bucks , "Bakki sab jaye bhadd mein"

  • Please check the electrical system of your vehicle, it is very important before you install the new Battery.

  • Check the cranking voltage of the battery. It should be more than 9.8 volts across the battery terminals.

  • Test the alternator charging voltage. It should be between 13.8V - 14.5V across the battery terminals.

As an Authorized Amaron Batteries Car Battery Dealer in Indirapuram Ghaziabad, we try our best to provide the right experience of buying a battery. With Silver inside, the zero maintenance AMARON battery lasts long, really long. Moreover, with constant investment in research and development, AMARON batteries are improved to suit evolving demands for newer vehicles. That's why AMARON has become everyone's favourite - today, every third car in India and every second car in Singapore has AMARON under the hood.

Amaron car battery dealer in ghaziabad

Feel free to call us and know more about your vehicle battery, the fitment and the procedure to get things done.


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