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How to get the UPS Battery Replacement ? Do you really need to buy a new UPS?

There are lot many customers come to us and most of the times with a single complaint that their UPS is not working. They believe that their UPS is not functioning at all. They come to buy a new UPS as they are simply not aware that it is not the problem of the product , its just the UPS battery not charging since it comes with only a year guarantee and it gives efficieny for more than a year in majority of the cases. If you google, you will find few articles which say if your UPS is more that few years old then instead of replacing the UPS battery; one should buy a new UPS.

However, this is not the scenario. There are so many batteries we have replaced and we hardly advise them to buy a new UPS . They get the battery replaced and next year they come happily for the new one.

Buy a new UPS or replace the UPS battery?

Well , with our expereince of so many years, we think we have been able to answer this question .

So, If your UPS is not working and if you need any guidance, please walk in to our store in Indirapuram, White Collar Traders, an authorised UPS battery Shop or alternatively you can call us at 8595107039, 8595107040. you can also write to us

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