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Why you should Buy your Car Battery from us?

Choosing the right Authorized Exide Battery dealer in Ghaziabad

Finding a right car battery is not as easy as people think it is. Since there are various models and there are different capacity of the battereis.

We have been selling Car Batteries for so many years now and what we have expereinced is how people choose their battery. Can you start your car with a dead battery? This is not possible even in the wildest dreams and this answers why you should focus on buying the right battery.

Do not focus merely on the price, check whether you are offered correct model by the dealer

You might save a few bucks by visiting a cheaper car battery dealer who can repair or replace the auto battery. However this approach is very risky. Their main focus is only to make few bucks by just making a sale. They offer you a cheap battery which is not even compnay recommended battery model. And you think that you have saved some money by buying a battery and yes , your car is moving perfectly so you won't doubt them at all. However, your vehicle is running at a less power which will surely give you trouble in long run. Moreover, if there is a Guarnatee / Warranty case then the Brand will simply deny to replace the battery.

On the other hand, a reputed Car Battery Shop in Ghaziabad like us has experienced personnel that can provide perfect advice on whether you should opt for repair or replacement of the car battery. Also which battery model is the right fitment for your vehicle.

Exide Car battery are the market leaders in this segment and we are so proud to be associated with the brand. We give you the stamped Guarantee card and the bill so that your after sales expereince shall remain just the perfect.

To Buy CALL 8595107039, 8595107040- WHITE COLLAR TRADERS


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